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Comics diary entry that captures a conversation between Laurence Shorter, Carlos Saba and me. Laurence had just asked us to write down a list of unresolved questions that concern us and my list was long and catastrophic including questions such as: ‘how can I keep my parents safe into old age?’ and ‘when will I die?’ He then said ‘all can be solved in the non-doing space’ which I wrote in my notebook along with a doubtful ‘ha ha ha!’ As if, non-doing practice can tell you when you’re going to die…






We did some non-doing practice together (i.e sit do nothing and accept you have no idea) online. Afterwards, I realised that all of these questions involve situations that have not yet happened and sketched this cartoon in response. I love that Laurence was right despite my bitter laughing pessimism.


Note to self: invest in more permanent pens that do not bleed.