We are Badly Drawn Birds of Leamington Spa

Experimenting with 'Birds-as-Hats' silliness...

About Us

We are a flock of Leamington-based (non-gender specific!) birds who exist to develop creativity in our community and beyond. We create art, provide workshops and life coaching, and do research into the visual arts and funny comics. We are:

Clari Searle

Clari Searle
'Head Bird'

University teacher, life coach, and PhD researcher and creator of humorous comics or ‘funnies’.

Karen Deasy

Textile designer and creator, runs workshops on crafts and sewing, manager of ‘Darning Green’.

Emily Pettit

Illustrator, mural artist, manager of the Leamington ‘Furniture Upcycling Project ' for Action 21.

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