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This is a theme in November, where I was stuck in theory and getting more and more miserable going around in circles. I wanted to escape and to be subversive like Wokker, the surrealist cartoon character created by Earnshaw and Thacker. Wokker is a strange yellow wheeled creature (perhaps a bird or dinosaur?) that you can see escaping to the right and saying ‘Wok it!’ I’ve drawn myself a little like Wokker, but I wasn’t surreal or subversive enough to escape the circles. Interestingly, later my research became very interested in surrealism and surrealist tools for creation – probably with the influence of Wokker.

I managed to eventually feel better during this time by making time to draw. Drawing is my happy place.

Birds are often in my research (and life) and provide sage counsel here. Mostly they provide sarcasm or sardonic comments for the absurd humans (i.e. me), as birds are clearly so much better than humanity.