This week was very exciting because I started to do a Domestika online training programme with Professor Liniers (aka Argentine cartoonist Ricardo Liniers Siri).

He’s incredible! There will be much more about him to come doubtlessly…

This is his process which basically follows this procedure:

  1. pencil
  2. go over pencil draft with dip pen in waterproof ink
  3. erase original pencil marks
  4. ink in watercolour (good quality so that it doesn’t bleed into the pen ink).

I went to buy the materials (around £40) to experiment. This seems reasonable for an essentially portable manual way to work.

I loved working this way. It’s so patient. Firstly, the pen has to be dipped into the jar of ink and needs to be used carefully and reloaded often. One also has to wait between layers for ink and paint to dry. Liniers’ favourite part is the inking and he enjoys spending a couple of hours in the zen state of inking. I was working faster than this, but it would be nice to build a cartoon that is worthy of a couple of hours of inking concentration. This is my first cartoon with this process – it shows the day that my neighbour David told me that they had a new baby girl: