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This comic was a useful way for me to condense the information from Laurence Shorter’s first official ‘The Art of No Idea’ coaching session on 30 July 2020.

There is a group of about 20 of us working with Laurence’s structure to develop constructive and enjoyable creative practice. There are more details on this in my ‘creative practice notes’ dated 04/08/2020.

I particularly liked the connection to a lexical chain of water that seems to be a visual metaphor. J.K. Rowling’s creative practice that involves her going to her imaginary house next to a lake and concentrating on the lake as a source of ideas. Also two members of the coaching group used watery terms; Christopher talked about ‘waiting to see what bubbles up’ in the yin practice and Katie talked about ‘sinking into‘ the work.

(Media: nib pen and ink, watercolour paint.)