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This is a 7-minute portrait of the facilitator of the ‘Sketchy Bitches’ online drawing group (Dulcie Ball). On 24.01.21, we were posing in the style of ID magazine (i.e. with objects obscuring our eyes). I’ve uploaded a few favourites from the session here to celebrate my first session the built funnies into the extreme time limit.

Dulcie is ‘smokin’ as an awesome facilitator, creator and inventor of community ideas. She doesn’t smoke, but has a smoking pencil and always has ‘smokey-eyed’ make-up.  She is included here, not because this is a good caption, but because she has been so important for my work. She is also encouraging and for the Instagram posts of this session, she was particularly enthusiastic in a special Dulcie way (this means swearing, exclamatives, and emojis).